Beginning Sunday, June 2nd, the Clark County Public Library will partner with Unique Management in the collection of fees for long overdue library materials.

This move comes as part of a new approach to fines and fees at the library. In April, Clark County Public Library was one of the first libraries in the country to waive not only current overdue fines, but also all back overdue fines as well.

Some other details about the new policy include:

  • Replacement charges will still be billed when an item is 28 days overdue.
  • Items will go into long overdue status when they are 7 days overdue.
  • Patrons will be blocked if they have 1 long overdue item or 25 overdue items. This means that they will not be able to place holds, checkout materials, etc…
  • Once an item is 30 days past the 28 days overdue (where the library sends a bill for replacement charges), patrons can expect to receive a series of notification letters from Unique encouraging them to return the item to the library.  If the item is returned in good condition, patrons will only be responsible for a $10.00 processing fee.

Partnering with Unique Management will give the library a more effective way to ensure that library materials are returned.

According to the company, “Unique’s process involves a series of letters designed to respectfully remind patrons of their material and financial obligations. The letters make it clear that a debt is owed, but their overall tenor is a gracious invitation for patrons to return and renew their good standing with the library.”

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