The Shazzbots @ Houston

07/31/2018 1:30 pm

Recommended Ages: 3yrs. - 7 yrs.

The Shazzbots, interstellar rock 'n' roll band and champions of all things art, music and ALL things creative, blast off for adventure in their Space Winnebago! Their mission...bringing cool, quirky space-age kid's rock music to all of the children of the cosmos (and their parents)! Expect songs about milkshakes, fat kitty cats, roller coasters, swimming pools, mustaches, friendship and of course reading books! The Shazzbots are here to bring the universe REAL music for REAL kids (and their parents)! Perfect for families with children ages 3-7 but open to all ages!

Meet the band -
Captain Captain - pilot of the Space Winnebago and head honcho of the band!
Navigator Scopes - on bass and well...navigation!
Luna Stardust - on percussion and astro-zoology!
Watts Watson - on drums and mechanics!
Professor Swiss Vanderburton - on guitar and science!

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